Meet the Knitter

Meet the CKO: Christina Fagan, Founder and Chief Knitting Officer

Shit That I Knit | Christina Fagan

Team: I'm the Chief Knitting Officer. 

Hometown/Age: Boston, MA/25

Years Knitting: 15

Who taught you how to knit: My mom and Pat at the Baddeck Yarns Knitting Store in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Best Thing You've Ever Knit: Anything designed by Kate Davies (her OWLs Sweater and Snoflinga hat to be exact).

One word to describe you: Early-Bird

Where is the strangest place you have knit: The movie theater and pretty much every airport bar that I've been to by myself.

Favorite show to watch while knitting: Breaking Bad or The Wire--knitting, drugs, and violence just really makes sense.

A responsibility you put off to knit (and was it worth it?): Writing my thesis for Art History. Instead I knit bats. I can't say it was a good idea, but it was worth it because now I have knit bats. And they are awesome. 

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