Meet the Knitter

Meet the Knitter: Robin Phillips, Give-A-Shit-Lead

Shit That I Knit Team: Robin Phillips

Team: Give-A-Shit

Name: Robin Phillips

Hometown/Age: East Brunswick, NJ/ 25

Years Knitting: 13

Who taught you how to knit?: My grandma

Best thing you've ever knit: My first all garter awkward. 

One word to describe you:  Tough

Where is the strangest place you have knit?:  In a public bus in Quito, Ecuador on my two hour commute to and from work.  Do you know how many friends you make with some knitting needles?  People would take my project and we would trade off knitting rows.  I learned new stitches and improved my Spanish!
Favorite show to watch while knitting: Downton Abbey - There's nothing like a glass of wine, knitting, and Crawley family drama.
A responsibility you put off to knit (and was it worth it?):  Cooking dinner.  It is always worth it.