Meet the Knitter

Meet the Knitter: Sarah Makowicki

Shit That I Knit Team: Sarah Makowicki

Name: Sarah Makowicki

Hometown/Age: Essex, CT/32

Years Knitting: 23 on and off, religiously for 4 years.

Who taught you how to knit?: my Grammy.

Best thing you've ever knit: its a crocheted piece. My granny square quilt out of cotton scraps.

One word to describe you: inquisitive

Where is the strangest place you have knit?: Hotel bathroom. I was babysitting, the kids went to sleep and I needed somewhere with good lighting.

Favorite show to watch while knitting: Gilmore Girls. Don't think that I have actually "watched" a whole episode, I tend to just listen.

A responsibility you put off to knit (and was it worth it?): Laundry. I always wait until I'm down to my last pair of socks. Maybe I should knit more socks?