Meet the Knitter

Meet the Knitter: Claire Simmons

Shit That I Knit Team: Claire Simmons

 Gimme and Give-A-Shit

Name: Claire Simmons 

Hometown/Age: Charlotte, NC / 29

Years Knitting: 11

Who taught you how to knit?: My mother, Julie, and Champagne Maker. She's a real person (and the most insanely talented knitter I know)

Best thing you've ever knit: For sentimental reasons: baby blanket for a friend. For obvious reasons: scalloped-edge-fingerless-gloves

One word to describe you: Euro(wannabe)

Where is the strangest place you have knit?: Movie theatre, with a group of friends.

Favorite show to watch while knitting: The Good Wife

A responsibility you put off to knit (and was it worth it?): Cooking. Absolutely, best diet there is.