Meet the Knitter

Meet the Knitter: Katie Fagan, COO & Favorite Mom

Shit That I Knit | Katie Fagan

Name: Katie Fagan

Home Town: Boston, MA

Years Knitting: 36 years

Who taught you to knit? The owner of Yankee Yarns in Brunswick, Maine. Wonderful woman, not sure she is still alive...very cool gal.

What's the best thing you have ever knit? Tough question. I have knit a lot of sh*t over the years! Perhaps my best was a black raspberry, cable-knit sweater that I wore every day while living in Germany as a college student.

Where's the strangest place you have knit? I bring my knitting everywhere, but no place strange...very boring answer...

Favorite show to watch while knitting? Definitely Downton Abby!

A responsibility you have put off to knit ( was it worth it?) Work! Selling insurance just did not have the pull it should have over figuring out a new stitch. It was definitely worth it :)

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