Meet the Knitter

Meet The Knitter: Gretchen Williams

Shit That I Knit Team: Gretchen Williams

Name: Gretchen Williams

Hometown/Age: Lincoln, MA / 24 years old

Years Knitting: 16 or so

Who taught you how to knit?: At first, my mom! (and family, friends, and pattern books along the way)

Best thing you've ever knit: A big, yummy cable-knit sweater (still a work in progress...)

One word to describe you: Happy-camper

Where is the strangest place you have knit?:  Saddlestring, Wyoming (definitely the most beautiful place I've knit, too)

Favorite show to watch while knitting: Mad Men or Friends

A responsibility you put off to knit (and was it worth it?): Sleeping....way too many late knitting nights to count! Definitely worth it in the long run....

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