Knitting Circles and Girl Power

When I was the star of Sleepy Hollow in first grade (more like I was a schoolgirl with one line, but same difference) we performed a song called “The Quilting Bee.”

During this musical number, I had a little scrap of cloth and I danced around with it. Then I and ten other schoolgirls put our cloth squares in a pile, stepped back, and voilà! There was a finished quilt.

And I’ve got to tell you, I f*cking loved that song for the following reasons:

  1. I thought we’d fooled the audience into thinking that a quilt was crafted in nanoseconds.
  2. I got to dance holding a craft supply.
  3. During rehearsals I got to chill with my girls because the school boys were not invited to the Quilting Bee.

Also, I think I really loved the idea that these women were coming together to make something.

And I still love that idea.

In college, my roommates and I would sit at our dinged-up dining room table to paint our nails and swap hungover stories as our top coats dried. As an adult, I’d invite friends over to cook, and we’d Pinterest fail. And, you guessed it, occasionally a bunch of STIK knittas will meet up in a messy living room and talk and stitch, because it’s something that brings us together.

Making something together is a communal art form and it’s been bringing women closer for a long-ass time. So rock on, knitting circles. It’s where the magic happens.