Gargano Top Knit-A-Long

Memorial Day weekend is rad for the following reasons:
  1. You get the day off.
  2. You can officially wear white pants again.
  3. It’s the first holiday where you sit back and sip on your iced beverage of choice and have two thoughts: “F*ck yeah, summer’s here,” and “F*ck no, I should have started working on my pool party bod before now.”
  4. For some of us knittas, it’s when we swap out wool yarn for cotton.
Since cliques do everything together, we’re all knitting-a-long this easy, breezy cotton tank from a We Are Knitters kit. It’s real quick, real simple, and whipped up using some lush Pima cotton (or as I like to call PRIMA cause that sh*t is priiime).
You’re invited to join!
Here are the deets:
Order your kit now so you can start with us on June 1!