Pineapple Purist

Hey Party People- Christina here.

So, this weekend I put down my knitting needles and tried my hand in being a domestic goddess: I wallpapered my bathroom. Unlike the wallpapering goddesses that come before me (like my mom), this wallpaper does not require cutting pieces, roughing up your walls, dipping the pieces in "sizing" and subsequently breaking up with your boyfriend over a fight about who is doing it right. 

No, no, no, this is easier. For starters, I did it ALONE. I am quite happy with that decision, as I think that my boyfriend would have in fact dumped me if he had seen the first attempt at putting up a panel without reading the instructions first. It really helps to read instructions first. I laughed in a really strange and maniacal way, I screamed swear words that are much worse than sh*t, and then took a break. 

But once I had read the instructions and got a good system going, I became addicted. I did the whole bathroom before noon and it was SO worth it. I think I'll go ahead and make a bed in the bathtub and live in here for a while. 

Walls Need Love is this v cool company based out of Nashville, TN and they have the cutest wallpaper patterns in the entire world. Not only is it the cutest in the world, it is temporary- meaning if you rent like I do (or have wallpaper commitment issues), you can wallpaper your entire apartment without getting in trouble with your landlord. It also is a LOT easier than the old-school stuff where you pretty much need to hire someone professional to put that sh*t up. I am NOT a professional nor am I one of those girls who is just really good at decorating and being domestic, but I was able to do this on my own and with only one or two quick breakdowns (mainly due to the fact that I am ADD, impatient, somewhat nuts, and I didn't read the instructions first). 

I personally think that bathrooms are a perfect place to showcase your zany side. Why not cover the whole thing in pineapples or funny dancing frogs doing country club sports?! Go for it! Head to Walls Need Love and use my promocode: "knitshit15" to get 15% off! GO! DO IT! YOU WILL LOVE IT! 

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