Knit-Along With Us!

Do you remember how flipping fun sing-alongs were as a kid? I mean who could ever have too much of the hokey pokey? (You put your knitting needles in, you put your knitting needles out...) Bottom line is, it's always more fun to do sh*t with people. Which is why we are starting a knit-along on November 15th in partnership with We Are Knitters

I know she looks a little upset in this picture, but we will be smiling with big old dopey grins when we finish this sh*t.

Use the special We Are Knitters promo code STIKVERTIGO to get 15% off your Vertigo Sweater at checkout and get ready to cast on with us on Sunday, November 15th!Several members of the STIK Clique have already received their kick-ass Vertigo Sweater Kits in various colors from We Are Knitters (mine is in Noir, dahhhling). We will be posting updates and pictures of our progress and giving little tips along the way!

Can't wait to knit-along with our ever-expanding group of sh*theads <3


The STIK Clique