How to Rock Your Shit

Shit That I Knit | How To Rock Your Shit It’s getting chilly out there and it’s time to start reppin' your STIK gear loud and proud! If you purchased one of our garments during our Kickstarter campaign, your hat is being whipped up by one of our speedy little knittas and will be in your hands in no time. 

As you rock your shit, here are some tips for how to wear our garments to ensure you look fly as f*ck and not like a total noob.

First let’s start with the ideal: her hair is slightly pushed forward; the band is left natural and is covering the hairline but not covering the eyebrows; the pom-pom is sitting right at the flat part on the back of her head (am I the only one with a flat part back there? If so, disregard. Carry on.) Look how serene and happy she is. It’s cause she NAILED this look.

The following looks are not quite so chic. Why would you want to hide your on fleek eyebrows? Or look like a blue poop emoji?


Now, onto the Bliss Band. Let’s recall that this is supposed to be an earwarmer. Therefore, your ears should be covered. Unlike the beanie, it looks best if this rests right at your eyebrows as wearing it too high isn’t quite a good look, as seen on the right.


And finally, please resist the urge to wear all your hair over the Bliss Band like you’re going to wash your face. We’re pretty non-judgy people but we will be mugging you HARD if you wear your sh*t like this.

Okay, that's it. Pet peeve bitching fest is now over. 

Enjoy rocking your sh*t! Don't forget to tag #shitthatiknit when posting pictures of you in your swag. We love it.


The STIK Clique

Photos by Gretchen Powers

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