Knit Graffiti

I came across this lovely, cozy tree on my way home from bar trivia the other night. My team, “Merlot Rider,” had just faced a difficult loss and I was feeling pretty down until I came across this knitted street art and I was reminded of how much I love the weird shit that knitters do.

Shit That I Knit Blog | Knit Grafitti

A Cozy tree in Livermore, CA.

The phenomenon of wrapping up public objects in knitted pieces is known as knit graffiti, or yarn bombing. Bike racks, poles, bridge cables, rocks, trees...anything goes.

Shit like this reminds me that knitting is no longer just associated with kindly, elderly folk. Knitters can be creative, fun, and ballsy people.

While honestly, I am way too stingy to leave my expensive yarn on trees, I am in extreme favor of taking knitting to the streets.

Knit in public, people! #Freetheneedle! Let's start a revolution!


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