Our Kickstarter page launched TODAY!!

Check out the amazing video put together by Gretchen Powers and get some knit shit for the holidays while supporting a great cause.

Why did we start a Kickstarter page?

In the past couple of months, Sh*t That I Knit has been gaining momentum and we’re not planning on stopping any time soon. In order to ensure that we keep moving forward, we are inviting you to get on this fast-moving train so that we can continue to produce high-quality knitwear, made right here in the United States by some amazing young women.

Knitting this sh*t is not cheap and that’s why we need just a li'l help to get us going. We don’t want to outsource our labor to a foreign country or stop using premium materials and compromise the integrity of our brand. However, we do need to keep up with demand. A hand-knit garment has a longer manufacturing lead time than a factory-produced garment. We need to build up inventory to stay ahead of the game and that takes capital up-front. Knitwear can also be seasonal and we’d like to be able to deliver garments to our customers when the air is brisk and when snow is still on the ground.  

Quality is our brand. We believe that it takes quality people and quality materials to make quality sh*t. Help us show others the importance of a garment made with integrity. 


The STIK Team

Check Out Our Kickstarter Video