Knitting Socially: A WATG Knit Party

When I signed up for my first Wool and The Gang (WATG) knit party I had no idea what to expect. I bought one ticket for a party in San Francisco. I got on a BART train, which was the temperature of a Bikram yoga class as apparently California didn’t get the memo that it is September, and I got off at Montgomery station with a fresh glow about me (aka I was dripping sweat onto the seat I left behind). Hotel G, the location of the event, was hip in all the right ways--with black, grungy-yet-welcoming walls, velvet upholstery, and employees with prominent tattoos.

First, let’s give a knit party context. Knit parties include yarn, needles, instructions, snacks, alcohol, and (this is the crucial part that makes it different from when I just hang at my house) other people who love to knit. In total, there were around 15-20 others at the party. Mostly women and mostly (to my surprise and delight) under 35. Experience levels varied throughout the group.

We each got a cute little project bag with everything we needed to create their snood, made of chunky-weight wool. The cable cast-on caused issues for some, but the WATG tutorial video played on a projection screen along one wall and “Gang Members” walked around, offering assistance. After a few glasses of wine, our gauges and conversations loosened and we all started to share and help one another.

Shit That I Knit Blog | Wool and the Gang Party

Keep an eye out for some upcoming STIK Knit Knites. We're all about meeting up with other peeps and to get our knit on. Each person I connected with was ecstatic to meet another person who enjoyed knitting. We each thought we were the only ones. Fun nights like this prove to me, again and again, that knittas are out there, enjoying the craft independently. Why not share that love of knitting socially?


The STIK Team

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