Treat Yo Self W.E.L.L.

The W.E.L.L. Summit, taking place in Beacon Hill November 6-7, has a cute little acronym:


not a bad way to live, eh?

We’d like to think that Sh*t That I Knit encourages the same thing, which is why we've become a sponsor of the summit and plan to reveal some of our dope fall styles during the event.

What does this two-day event entail, you ask?

This conference focuses on educating and empowering others to live well. Topics include the “ever-expanding realms of clean eating”, fitness trends, making informed consumer decisions, and exploring eco-friendly beauty products. In addition, intimate break-out groups (of 30 people or less) allow for participants to ask questions and learn in a safe, supportive environment.

Although I predict delicious smelling lotions, flax seed cracker treats, and hemp baby bonnets, all jokes aside, this event sounds like a great place to find like-minded individuals who are passionate about a holistic lifestyle.

Since we’ll be hanging out there, we want to offer a $75 discount on the all-inclusive W.E.L.L. Summit ticket. This offer expires Friday, September 11 at midnight. Enter SHITTHATIKNIT at checkout to receive the discount.

Visit their website here and start getting all zen and shit!

We know we can’t wait for it :)


--The STIK team