Knit Your Own Shit: 25% Discount off WAK, Baby!

Shit That I Knit | Knit your own Wool and the Gang Sweater

Ten years ago, I remember Googling “cool knitting patterns” on my first laptop and scrolling through pages and pages of floral afghan throws, boxy turtlenecks, and dreaded dollies. “Cool” and “knitting” didn’t seem to go together. I’m actually surprised that Google search didn’t correct me, suggesting instead, “Did you mean how do I tell I'm a loser?"

At the time, the Internet was relatively new, and anything that had to do with knitting at my local library was targeted to the stereotypical knitter—an octogenarian with varicose veins and a graying topknot perched in a weathered rocking chair (think the grandma emoji). So as an awkward high school freshman, I had no way of knowing that there were other people out there like me—people wanting to learn more about the craft and knit something exciting.

But there are. I’ve found them.

Companies like We Are Knitters are making knitting easy, accessible, and cool.  Check out this backless Cranberry Sweater. It’s bangin’. The pattern, yarn, needles, and everything else you could possibly need to make the sweater (including happiness) was waiting for me on my doorstep as I got home from work last Friday afternoon.

As I opened the package, I felt giddy. Other people out there GOT IT. I’m in my mid-twenties. I don’t have children (or grandchildren for that matter) to knit little booties or hats for. When I pick up my needles, I want to create something I can wear and feel proud of and good in.

When I scroll through their designs on, when I like their pictures on Instagram, or when I finally pull my finished sweater (in a sassilious mint color) over my head, I feel like I’ve found a company that understands me.

It’s a revolution, and we knittas have got to stick together!

That’s why we’ve collaborated with We Are Knitters for a 25% discount at so that you can knit your own shit using their knit kits. These kits are stupid easy to follow with amazing video tutorials on their site that are super helpful (not to mention beautifulI'd almost watch them even if I didn't have an issue with the pattern).

Use the promo code SHITTHATIKNITxWAK at checkout to get 25% off!

This discount is good until Wednesday at midnight. Don't be a pumpkin and let it run out.

Get your cool knitting on!


--The STIK Team

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