Not only is Ben Higgins AKA the Bachelor, AKA every American woman's dreamboat, wearing our beanie, he also posted the nicest thing in the whole wide world about us and it shows that his beautiful exterior matches his golden interior and it gives us the feels. 

Shit That I Knit | Ben Higgins

"So this was sent to me by @shitthatiknit just out of the goodness of their heart. They weren't expecting or asking me to post anything and simply because of that I am posting it. So @shitthatiknit thank you for the gift, the hat is incredible! I will encourage everyone to at the least check them out because I appreciate them and their present."

Now, we know Christina is not technically on the show (…yet…I may have just submitted an application for her) but can you think of anyone who would be better suited for a first impression rose?

Thank you for the support, Ben! You look SO GOOD IN THAT SHIT.

We love you.


--The STIK Team <3

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