Giving with Hand-Knit Gifts

Like many other knittas, I spent my Thanksgiving frantically knitting up sh*t for Christmas.

On Friday, I was knitting a cowl for my sister as I sat on my parents' couch, watching some TV after my third slice of pun’kin pie. (My family always delightfully overestimates the amount of pie needed at our Thanksgiving. The ratio is typically half a pie per person.) My sister entered, mouthful of mashed potatoes, and says, “Oh, that’s pretty. Who's that for?” FML. It will still be pretty even though it’s not a surprise anymore.

I’ve been knitting up Christmas gifts ever since I learned how to knit. One year I made my dad mittens using chunky wool and size 10 needles. Although he now uses them as pot holders, he appreciated the sentiment.

And let’s be clear, I don’t knit for just anyone. Because when I knit a garment with a particular person in mind, I think about that person with each stitch. It’s a mini-meditation on how much I like them (unless I’m ripping out stitches...then I swear at them for a little).

So, when I spend my time knitting a gift, I’m showing my gratitude for that person.

As you are probably well aware, our Kickstarter orders are coming in--just in time for the Holidays. When you look at your hand-knit garment, remember that you’re looking at hours of quiet concentration from someone who is doing what they love.

THANK YOU for being a part of our growing company and community. We are so grateful for the support and we are honored that you're keeping warm with our sh*t. 


The STIK Clique

P.S. Picture featuring Xtina and me (Casey) from my last visit to Boston.

Thankful for that gurl right thur.