Knitting-Along Far Away

Two weeks ago, a bunch us at STIK cast-on our We Are Knitters Vertigo Sweaters while watching Inside Out. We actually watched it twice because knitta Sarah Schorr came later and hadn’t seen it. And Pixar is just that good.

Later that evening, our STIK Clique Coordinator, Ann, and I brought our knitting to a pub to watch the Patriots win and we got into a lovely conversation with another woman who admired that we were young, drinking alcohol, watching sports, and knitting all at the same time.

When I got on a plane the next morning back to California (yep, I’m the one outlier), I was halfway through the back of the sweater.

I love that even though I’m physically far away from my clique, we’re still all connected by knitting this big-ass sweater together, group texting about gauge and pointy needles and about how much we love snuggily yarn.

If you’re late to the party, you can still get your Vertigo Sweater kit from We Are Knitters and play catch-up. It uses bulky yarn and massive needles and you can whip this sh*t up real quick.

I’m casting on arm number one this weekend, staying out of this dumb rain, and instagramming the hell outta my progress with the tag #STIKKNITALONG.


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