New Years Revelations and Responses

Hey there. Christina here. I have been thinking of writing a little blog post about this past year, as it has been a crazy one and I have a lot to be grateful for. But I may not have sat down and actually written a post about my mushy feelings if I hadn’t been prompted by a very negative email the other night. When I opened it up, I felt like I’d been cornered by a bully. But in a way, shout out to the gentleman (ahem, the a**hole) who helped me remember why I got into this business in the first place. Let me explain.

I quit my job in May of this year to start Sh*t That I Knit and from there I have been one very happy, very lucky, very inspired, and very excited young lady.

Here are some fun facts about the past six months:

  • Our product is now in ten really great stores.
  • We kicked our KickStarter’s a** in under twenty-four hours.
  • We fulfilled all of those KickStarter orders by the promised date of December 15.
  • The STIK Clique has grown to thirty-five amazing women, located in Boston.
  • We redid our website—because Martha Carl is not only an amazing knitter but also an amazing website designer. Our site traffic is up and online sales have doubled.
  • We have an actual BLOG because my soul sister, Casey Coughlin, and I connected from across the country and she rocks.
  • Our photos are beautiful and professional because Gretchen Powers can knit her own product and shoot boss pictures in beautiful places.
  • We’ve been featured in the Boston Globe, Bostinno, Boston Magazine, Chronicle, The Improper Bostonian and FORBES.
  • We just moved into an amazing studio space in Downtown Crossing, known as the Knitting Dojo.

To be short—sh*t has been pretty good.

I usually get really wonderful emails from fans, happy customers, and people who are inspired by our humble story of young women doing what they love. And then I get the occasional negative note.

Here’s what one man decided to let me know:

“Maybe you have some good products but you’ve got an incredibly immature company name. You aren’t in the sixth grade anymore. I’m embarrassed for you. Your company will fail. Grow up. I’m in the investment business and your business will soon be reduced to shit..”

Well…sh*t! I came up with some great responses—one of which had to do with the fact that I actually wasn’t allowed to swear in the sixth grade—but I figured it was best not to respond. But it got me thinking.

The thing is, that while I’m sorry for a lot of things, I’m not sorry for having the word sh*t in my company’s name. What irked me most about this email was that it reminded me that there are people out there who are deeply unhappy and unfulfilled, people who feel the need to bring others down. With all of the terrible things going on in the world today, why on earth would one pick a battle with a 26-year-old girl and the silly word sh*t?

So, in addition to my continual New Year’s resolutions to eat less and exercise more, here are two more things I want to be mindful of this year: Be positive. Be me.

I’m of the opinion that you get a lot more out of life doing what you love. This past year I embraced something that makes me happy. I don’t think it’s magic that my own happiness and positivity created something bigger than me. This good juju has created a product that people love, a brand that makes most smile, and a community of supportive, creative women. When I started this endeavor, I never expected how much could blossom from a single passion. But I am overjoyed and empowered by the outcome. So, despite the negativity, I resolve to continue to be positive, to be me.

There’s a lot in store for Sh*t That I Knit in 2016 and I can’t wait to kick more a**. The year of 2015 has been, by far, my best yet (besides the year when I was lead in Guys and Dolls in the 8th grade play), and I could not have done any of it without a lot of help and encouragement and support from my parents, my sisters, my best friends, my mentors, and, of course, the STIK Clique.

Thank you to anyone who has given us feedback or written a word of encouragement. Thank you for sharing an article we’re featured in or for spreading the word about this funny little company that plays with the word sh*t. I could not be more grateful.

I can’t wait to see what more positivity will bring for the future of the company.