You Know You're a Knitter When...

This past weekend, I made a budget for yarn. That means that part of my bi-monthly paycheck is stashed away to grow my stash. This budget is not for “shopping”, not for “crafts”, not for “alcohol and bars” (that’s its own category) no--just yarn. At this moment, denial was not longer an option--I realized I had become a full-blown knitta.
So, give me some snaps if you can relate to the following:
  • You’ve said “just let me finish this row” like cocaine addict.
  • You use anything relatively circular as a stitch holder (hair bands, paper clips, rings).
  • You’ve said the phrase “one sec, I’m counting.”
  • You nuzzle yarn to test the softness.
  • Outrageously priced yarns don’t phase you anymore.
  • You’ve tried and failed to turn your needle collection into decor.
  • You’ve been called “granny.” Those f*ckers don’t get your hats.
  • You’ve experienced the simultaneous joy and sadness when you watch someone open your knitted gift. It’s your baby…but let it go (let it go!!!)
  • You’ve thought about how knitting would be your post-apocalyptic life skill. (“Hey Jason, can YOU kit a blankie to keep us from dying? Didn’t think so, now go shoot that bison with your handmade arrow. I’m hungry.”)
To be real though, I’m totes okay with this obsession.
Knit on!