Makers Guilt

Everyone and their mother knows that I’m a knitting-instagram slut since my feed is full of stitches on needles and my new manicure (the two go hand-in-hand). I have old friends come up to me, saying, “You’re work with Knit Sh*t now, right?” and I have reply with “Yeah, you’re so close!”

Because of this, when I’m wearing something similar to what is seen in this image, I inevitably get the question: “Oh my god, is that hand-knit?”

My shameful response: “No…”

The awkward silence. And then: “Oh…”

Anyone else suffer from makers-guilt? It’s the feeling I get when I’m called out for purchasing something that I could have made, but instead I bought from a store that most likely employees sweatshop workers and uses huge, cold machines to churn out impersonal garments.

Yeah, man. Makers-guilt is real.

After this little interaction today, I went home to my Ravelry account and searched for a pattern to make this exact same scarf-y thing. Because I’m a god-damned artisan and hand-made sh*t is so much better.