Why We Knit

The Health Benefits of Knitting NY Times Article

If you only read one thing today, go read this article.  ^^^ Seriously.

So now that you’ve read it and you have time to spare, here’s a little insight into why we STIK knitters knit.

Obviously most of us weren’t prescribed knitting by our wellness doctors as any sort of coping mechanism. I started knitting when I was seven. And while a lot happened that year (I had a line in my first play Sleepy Hallow as "School Girl 3,” and learned how to subtract two digit numbers) I wouldn’t particularly say I was a stressed out little kid. But for some reason I really, really liked watching the rows build up on one another and didn’t want to stop.

I’ve always found comfort in knitting and I think it’s because it gives me license to just CHILL THE F*CK OUT.

We very rarely allow ourselves to just sit and be. But when we can sit and be, and feel like we’re being productive. It’s the best of both worlds.

Thanks for letting us chill out and knit our little hearts out, fam. Believe me, WE NEED IT.


The STIK Clique

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