Knit Party!

So technically this is “workshop,” but, to us, when there is wine, girlfriends, and knitting, it’s a PAR-TAY.

Fifteen lovely newbies turned out to learn to knit a kick-ass headband. (But like reeeeeal quick how cute is everyone in this pic? Totes presh.) Each participant was provided with yarn, needles, and instructions. The event was hosted by Millicent Armstrong at her new, beautiful studio in Allston. 

By the end of the night (and the bottom of the wine bottle) everyone had gotten to know one another, and the majority of the participants left a little warmer, wearing their hand-knit headband. 

We LOVE watching new people pick up the needles. When you're warm and fuzzy, we're warm and fuzzy. 


The STIK Clique