February Freeze + Fitness

So, it’s mid-February. And let’s just say that maybe (just hypothetically) we haven’t been doing super well on that new-years-resolution beach bod that we promised ourselves we’d get this year.

Due to the snowstorms, the holiday eating, and the luscious yarn we’ve been feasting on, we're finding it hard to muster the motivation needed to exercise.

Sound familiar?

To help everyone get off their asses, we’ve paired with some kick-ass studios who love rocking our sh*t. If you attend one of these fitness spots after we post about them on Instagram, you'll get mega discount on your next STIK order.

That way, the next time you’re thinking about skipping another fitness class because it’s too damn cold out, you’ll have a STIK hat to keep you warm, and therefore no excuse to ghost.

You’re welcome in advanced.