"What do you do for fun?"

This Instagram post yesterday made me think, "Fat Jewish, you know what's up."

When someone at the water cooler asks me this (at my work, we actually meet at a water cooler. This is not an exaggeration. I'm trying to hydrate more as a New Year's resolution and they got rid of the vending machines because they were making people fat, so it's legit just a water cooler next to a coffee machine that makes "mocha-chinos.") my first response is, "Knitting. I knit. But I like knit with cool people."

They laugh and tell me to have a good day and walk away probably thinking that their life is more exciting than a 25-year-old's and that youth is wasted on the young and the next time they see me they'll probably encourage me to "go wild" this weekend.

But it's not true that my life is boring, even if it sounds like it. Because I follow the knit-one-row-take-one-sip-of-wine mantra. Because I bring my knitting to bluegrass shows at Golden Gate Park. Because when I fly I'm knitting the whole way. If knitting is boring, you're doing it wrong.

And also, f*ck you, Brian, you don't get mug cozy that I was planning on making everyone this year.