Make Way For STIK

Last night the STIK group got together to knit (shocker I know) but this time the hats weren’t for people. If you’ve ever been in Boston, you may be aware of the “Make Way for Ducklings” bronze statues in Boston Common because they’re one of the best places to pose with your adorable children.

While these statues bring smiles to tourists' faces, many of us who walk through Boston Common on the reg forget how f*cking cute these little guys really are. So we decided to give them a make-over, STIK style.

The makeover even came as a surprise to our knittas. They were lured to our office last night with the promise of wine and cheese and then were informed of the grand plan. Not only was it a fun activity for us all to do together (team building is an essential business strategy, duh) it just delighted the heck out of us to see people posing with the dolled-up ducklings all day long, smiling at the craftsmanship of our little hats.

If you happen to drop through the Common today, snap a pic and be sure to tag us using the #makewayforSTIK. Because letz be real, how freaking cute, right?

Photo by Gretchen Powers