A Day in the Life of Kandi

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself - I’m Kandi, and I’m the Sales & Events Manager for STIK. I recently moved back to Boston from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, so I am still getting into the swing of a routine that now involves thinking about traffic patterns. I’ve learned very quickly that listening to a podcast or book will help me to avoid a heart attack at the wheel. Here is my work week routine. If it were a weekend, this story would have a donut somewhere.

6:30-7:10am: I putz around a lot in the mornings. I need at least two hours to get my life together before work.

  • I wake up somewhere in this time frame. Sometimes I just lay there. Sometimes I get right up.
  • I splash my face with cold water first thing. Use a serum and then my Drunken Elephant Whipped Cream. I pop my contacts in ASAP because I am very, very blind.
  • Since I’ve been reading the book “The Artist’s Way”, I try to start the day by writing for 10-20 minutes. I feel very basic even admitting this…but it’s kind of meditative to skim everything from the top of my brain and clear it out. Sometimes I write silly things like, “I am really hungry and just want to eat but I need to write at least another page. Let’s see where this goes.” I finish my practice by writing down three things I am grateful for.

7:10-8:30am: I pack a lot into these 50 minutes...

  • 2 shots of espresso from my nespresso with almond milk, cinnamon and collagen.
  • I cook a full breakfast which usually includes a combination of eggs, sweet potato toast with almond butter, sliced avocado, bacon and/or greens with olive oil (I am a freak. I know this).
  • I “watch” the Today Show while eating, checking email and scrolling through social media.
  • Brush my teeth. Put seven pounds of dry shampoo (this is a non-aerosol option and I love it!) in my hair. Throw on a couple of products. Get dressed.
  • Pack my lunch and work bag. Double check that I have my computer cord and my Airpods because I’ve forgotten these too many times.

8:30-8:45am: Get out the door! I commute through Harvard Square every day where the people watching is great and the drivers are terrible. Also, dodging pedestrians is like a game of frogger.

9-9:15am: Arrive at the office. I talk to everyone as soon as I walk in the door. I likely have a story to tell to whoever is around. Today we discussed how Tory DID NOT like “A Star is Born.” We’re all still very confused about this. I still haven’t bounced back from her confession.

9:15am-Noon: All of the things. We all wear many hats here and no two days are alike. I feel like everyone says that but when working for a small business- it’s very much the truth.

  • First, I make a list of what I know needs to get done. And as things come up throughout the day, I add them to the list. Making a list, checking it twice.
  • Make calls and write emails to shops and stores. All day. I have a spreadsheet (yawn) that is getting kind of out of control. (PLEASE KEEP SENDING US IDEAS. We loveeeee them!)
  • Research and Plan Events. I really want to go on tour and show our giant hat tent to everyone and sling our goods. Maybe we’ll be coming to a city near you soon?!
  • Make sure our current wholesale accounts are happy! This includes but is not limited to- packing reorders, checking inventory, answering questions, making plans with stores, discussing new products, making them happy by any means necessary, etc.
  • Random list of ideas that pop up. I keep this next to me all day.

Noon: Eat. At exactly noon I am eating.

1pm-5:20 (ish): Repeat first half of the day. I’m still working off my list and jumping on anything that pops up during the day. If we are planning to be at a show, there is a lot of back and forth communication with all kinds of kinks that we run in to. Like… we want to bring a margarita maker to New York and serve people drinks while they consider buying our stuff but this might be against the rules and we’re not trying to get banned from anything. LET ME LIVE!

If I need a little break, I like to take a little walk and get an oat milk latte from Kohi.

6:00pm: Most days I go to the gym. Sometimes I go to a spin class instead. I’m just trying to live my best life. I’m also signed up for Classpass to try and motivate myself to do new things. TRY is the key word here.

7:00-8:00pm: Shower and then I cook dinner! Scott usually makes us a cocktail to go with dinner. I really just keep him around to be my live in bartender. It’s great! Then we sit at the table and eat. No phones. No TV. We’ll put a record on and have dinner together. I realize this makes us sounds like we are straight from 1955.

8:00pm: We relocate to the couch and find a movie to watch. This is also when I check email and social media until Scott glares at me to get off of my phone.

9:30-10:30pm: Bedtime routine. Take contacts out. Wash face. Moisturize. Brush teeth. Drink a glass of water and magnesium powder. Climb into bed. Read for 20 minutes or so. The moment I feel drowsy, I turn the lights off. No time can be wasted.

10:30pm: I better be asleep.

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