Bi-weekly Update: Kicking Off Summer

We’re SUPER excited for this upcoming season. It’s going to be HUGE. So as part of preparation for that, we’ll be back in action with regular blog post updates! As tomorrow is the first official day of summer, we thought we would give you a quick update on our beginning of the summer shenanigans.

Last week you met the Shit Interns (and if you haven’t, check out those shitheads below). They’ve each been jumping right in and taking on various marketing projects and initiatives that they’re interested in. Shit That I Knit HQ is extra fun on Tuesdays when we’re all here together bouncing ideas off each other and collaborating. Last Tuesday Chief Mom Officer (CMO) brought us a yummy lunch and cookies (thanks Mom!!!).

We’re really excited to announce that we have two new budding partnerships for the Give-A-Sh*t program with young adult cancer programs in Chicago and New York. It will be awesome to grow this initiative beyond Dana-Farber in Boston. On the merchandise end, all the styles and colors for this season have been picked out (rly good new shit) and it’s all in the works in Peru-- v exciting. Oh! And CKO picked out a wedding dress! But it’s top secret so don’t ask.

Linus had a false alarm rash-->sporting Dad's t-shirt