Give-A-Sh*t Update

Extensive knitting equation that describes positive effects or benefits of knitting

^Knitting is the shit. Young adult cancer patients are also the shit. They’re a population of cancer patients who deal with unique challenges in battling cancer  including infertility, secondary cancers, neurocognitive difficulties, chronic pain and heart conditions. Young adult cancer patients are also more likely to encounter difficulty returning to school or work and to experience depression.

Recognizing all of the positive effects of knitting listed above, about a year ago, we launched the Give-A-Sh*t program in partnership with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Young Adult Program.

Give-A-Sh*t Knit Kits for young adult cancer patients

The 1-for-1 program entails donating a Give-A-Sh*t Knit Kit to adolescent and young adult cancer patients. The kits include all the materials needed to complete a simple piece of knitwear as well as how-to videos for new knitters. Check out this page for reasons why knitting is especially healthy for young adult cancer patients.

We’re super excited about the success of our partnership with Dana-Farber and the Give-A-Sh*t Knit Kits and are currently trying to grow the program to young adult cancer programs across the country. Sh*t That I Knit and the Give-A-Sh*t have been in the spotlight recently both on NBC News and in Dana-Farber’s monthly newsletter, kind of a BFD!!


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