GIVEAWAY! Erin McDermott x Sh*t That I Knit

Hey people. Let’s talk accessories. Since the age of 14, I have been an earring obsessed weirdo. I’ve made some terrible earring decisions between then and now (I actually recently did a purge of my jewelry that I was “saving for my daughter” lol, and discovered some really frightening chandelier earrings of my past) but I’d say, I’ve got a solid base now.

The thing is, most mornings, I find myself reaching for Erin McDermott’s pieces. They are easy, fun, and LIGHT (like your ear doesn’t fall off by 4 pm). Not to mention, they don't break the bank (especially when your mom buys them for you at Runway for Recovery)!! I wear these white fringey ones almost every day.

I met Erin through Runway for Recovery - she has been doing trunk shows at the event since the very beginning and her designs are always a total hit. She and I hit it off - or more like it, my girl crush began - the second I met her. She is:

  • Insanely nice and outgoing
  • Insanely beautiful
  • Insanely talented
  • Insanely successful
  • Insanely busy but under control with three daughters under the age of four


I’m in awe of her and am so excited to bring some of her designs to you!!


Starting today (1/16/19) at 12 pm EST, we are doing an Instagram giveaway!! Winner gets a $125 Gift Card to STIK and a $125 Gift Card to Erin McDermott Jewelry!! All you have to do is like both of our accounts and tag two friends in the comments section. The winner will be announced at 12pm EST on 1/18 - so GET GOING!! 

Also, you're welcome for telling you to follow Erin on Instagram. If you love behind the scenes honesty, you will love her too. 

Here are some of my Erin McDermott Faves:


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