Havenly x STIK - Our New Studio!!

It's been a little over a year since my commute changed from: roll out of bed and plop on the couch with my computer, to: roll out of bed (put on pants), and drive to my very own office in Allston. Working from home was tough and the big move to an office was a huge leap. For one, working at home is incredibly lonely and for two- it wasn't scalable for me to continue packing orders on the living room rug. 

Since the move, we've grown even more... the space that once gave me so much freedom was becoming claustrophobic with more people, more hats, more wraps, more events, and just more sh*t! We started looking around and the perfect studio on the 4th floor opened up, so I jumped on it! 

Sarah (our first ever full-time employee) took the reigns and made the move insanely easy and exciting. She worked closely with Havenly  to decorate the space. They helped us with the initial layout, paint colors, storage solutions, desks and lounge areas, picture frames and art... you name it- Havenly made it that much easier. 

We finished our move this week and are LOVING IT. Check out the before and after photos below!! 

Before! The previous tenant had all of the walls painted black!!  

The previous tenant was an artist and he had all of the walls painted black, as well as all of the windows blacked out... it was definitely a little difficult to have a vision of what we could do with the space! 



With the help of Havenly and Sarah's insane organization skills, things came to life pretty quickly with fun new furniture, an accent wall, tonnns of new storage for hats, and lots of photos of our customers in Sh*t That I Knit!! 

We can't wait to open our doors to lots of you soon for fun events and knitting classes! 


Christina + Sarah


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