Yesterday was the first day of summer, but summer really began for us back in early May on a trip over to Nantucket for what I expected to be a cozy knitting getaway. Knowing that we would be staying the beautiful 21Broad for the weekend, I figured we'd be playing lots of scrabble in their v stylish lounge and cozying up in sweaters (I brought 4) for ambling down the cobble stone streets. It's cold in May on the island! 

I was wrong... and TBH, very little knitting got done. 

Saturday rolled around and the sun was hot. We hit up the grocery store and grabbed sandwich fixings and then snagged bikes at Young's Bicycle (it is ON Broad St. btw AND they have cute baskets) and headed out for trip to Cisco Beach. The bike path around the island is ideal for cruising along, enjoying the views without fearing for your life. It's also a plus that Cisco Brewery was on the way, so had to stop there and pick up a six pack for the beach. 

Cisco Beach, which is typically insanely crowded, was like our own private beach. We lay out all day, making sandos and reading trashy magazines; it truly felt like a hot summer day, some of us (Alex) even got really sunburned. 

When it came time to head back, we knew that 21Broad, being the cool place it is, has a BYOB bar but they supply all of the mixing funtimes. Since we were on Island Time, mon, we grabbed some rum to mix with 21Broad's bar and of course, a bottle of rosé. Sitting out on their deck felt like a little oasis right in the heart of Nantucket. So relaxed and chill, makes you feel like it's your own deck and you're simply surrounded by some cool friends rather than a guest at a stuffy hotel.  

It's also much easier to get a dinner reservation during the "off season" and after our cocktail hour on the outdoor porch, we walked over to Cru for a yummy dinner. 

We unfortunately had to skidaddle early-ish on Sunday, but not before enjoying the best hotel breakfast I've ever had. I feel like a "continental breakfast" consists of stale scones and watery yogurt... this is not the case at 21Broad. Fresh croissants, donuts from a local shop, greek yogurt and fresh berries. You could say I really indulged. 

All in all, our weekend was divine. The staff at 21Broad could NOT be nicer. Alex and I have decided that Korin might be in the nicest person we have ever met? (Sorry to everyone else we've ever met...) I would HIGHLY recommend any of the Lark Hotels to my friends and suggest that you all check out this v cool, boutique hotel chain for your next trip - Napa anyone?! And, hit up Nantucket when all of the other humans are still sitting in the city. Early May and late September are now my go-to's. 



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