She's the Sh*t: Abby Capalbo

This time our She’s the Sh*t blog features Abby Capalbo, a editorial stylist in various capacities including editorial and photoshoot styling, brand consulting, social media management, one-on-one consulting, and interior and event e-design styling. You could say she does it all in terms of making your digital and online presence look beautiful. However, she is just as focused on “actually making her life as pretty and full as it seems on the screen.” As shown in her interview, she truly knows what is important.

Favorite part of your day:
I’ve always been a morning person, so definitely the first few hours of the day. We have a fun little routine in the morning I look forward to every day. My husband and I drive to get coffees with our dog, Otto, and then he heads to work, and the pup and I walk home. I cherish those few moments of peace every morning. They fuel the entire day.

You were at Style Me Pretty during the early days - what was that like and what were some of the things you did to help them build their brand?
I loved the early years at Style Me Pretty because we worked our little tails off on every aspect of the brand. There were only a few of us, so we all wore so many hats. It was a wonderful learning experience.  

What was the pivotal moment that pushed you to go out on your own? What was that like?
Oh it was totally terrifying, and I worked part time at SMP up until last year because I was so scared to make that last final leap. But it was definitely time. I loved my time at SMP, but once it got to a certain place - I was ready to challenge myself creatively again. And I really wanted to get out from behind the computer a bit.

What is your typical day-to-day being your own boss? I know I have issues with being productive when I’m not that busy and would love some tips!
It’s really important for me to embrace the times when I know I am the most productive. I love the mornings, and I know I work so much better during the beginning of the day than at night. I also make sure I take time to get outside for at least an hour a day. It just helps me refresh and feel human again. And I try to give myself normal, human hours. If I can disconnect over the weekend, I let myself. Because that’s the time I get to spend time with my husband, and that’s time is super important to me. I try to prioritize my life, because that tends to inspire my work. Being your boss is not easy, and I definitely don’t have it down to a science, but after working from home and on my own for so many years, I do think taking care of yourself is a big part of being successful at being your own boss.
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