Shows to watch now by Christina

“Knitflix and Chill” Semi-Current Shows

The weather this long weekend is supposed to be pretty snowy and cold or rainy or IDK maybe it’s going to be nice out, I honestly only heard my mom say it was going to be gross out. So chances are (if she’s right) you might need some TV recs from yours truly.

This list is in no particular order of my favoritism. I am a TV binger… it’s embarrassing and I should probably talk to a therapist about it, but I need background noise always and love TV. Will say though, that my favorite show ever is Breaking Bad. You cannot change my mind. I’ve watched it in totality like 7 times. Okay moving on. Because I would be at work all night if I listed EVERY show that I liked, I am either picking shows that are semi-current or that were nominated at the Golden Globes. This is just a way to organize my thoughts and make it home by dinner.

  • Schitt’s Creek
        • How to Watch: Netflix
        • Why I Loved It: It is SO funny. Very smart, but at the same time, very silly humor. The first episode you’re going to think “this is dumb.” Just trust me, it’s not. You’re going to love it. I love how after I watch it for a while I start to talk and use my hands like Alexis and David - it definitely makes me look smarter.
        • Golden Globe Result: Okay this was not nominated, but you need to watch it.
  • Killing Eve
        • How to watch: Amazon Prime/Hulu
        • Why I Loved It: Semi-scary, very exciting, funny, different, looove Sandra Oh and Jodi Comer (her lips!!). Okay TBH I kind of forget why I love it but my sister just started watching it and now I want to rewatch. I almost binged it too fast, I need a refresh.
        • Golden Globe Result: Sandra Oh won for Best Actress in a Drama!!
  • High Maintenance:
        • How to watch: HBO
        • Why I Loved It: Okay, wait - first episode is VERY raunchy. You’ve been warned. Maybe the first two are- might be a shock the system thing. But then, ugh it’s so good. My friend Jill Rosenwald told me about it and I was like, sure, I’ll give it a shot! Thank you, Jill! Great 30 minute episodes that are loosely tied together by one pot dealer on his bike. V good.
        • Golden Globe Result: Also not nominated, but it is current.
  • Friends from College
        • How to Watch: Netflix
        • Why I Loved It: I just finished the second season - it took me all a whopping day and a half. It’s so funny. Definitely underrated in the mainstream world. You basically end up wanting to be in their friend group. It’s easy to watch, everyone is very attractive and it’s just f.u.n.  
        • Wow, I’m realizing that none of my shows were nominated!!!
  • Bodyguard
        • How to Watch: Netflix
        • Why I Loved It: I binged this while knitting a sweater for Alex. Idk what I was more addicted to - the colorwork on his sweater or the show! LOL! Jokes aside, I was literally waking up at 6 to knit and watch it in bed while we were on vacation. Heaven. Pretty scary and definitely a thriller. Don’t watch this if you have to walk around in the dark by yourself.
        • I thought I was ahead of the times, but I guess I wasn’t - this was nominated for Best Drama!
  • The Night Manager:
        • How to Watch: Amazon Prime
        • Why I Loved It: Tom Hiddleston!! SO HOT. It’s a very smart show and you need to pay attention. No diddling on your phone while you watch. It’s about
        • Admittedly not current but more people need to see it!
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel:
        • How to Watch: Amazon Prime
        • Why I loved (liked) it: I might be the only person who only liked this show… let the haters commence! My girlfriends from Skidmore are going to exile me for saying that. I think you just have to buy into Amy Sherman-Paladino’s pace and unrealistic dialogue. My mom also watched the first episode with me and thought that Mrs. Maisel was “pathetic” and I always agree with my mom!!
        • Nominated for Best TV Comedy!
  • Homecoming:
      • How to Watch: Amazon Prime
      • Why I Loved it (liked) it: Pretty weird but pretty good. Okay, I didn’t love it but it’s like “in” right now and I like to be able to talk TV. I'm not even sure that I saw the last episode. OKAY!
      • This was nominated for Best Drama!

    Shows I’m working on:

    • The new True Detective is good after the first episode!
    • BIG LITTLE LIES!!!!! It’s back so soon!!!

    Okay, that’s all for now, let me know if you watch any of these!! Also, let me add say that watching these shows with our Pardy Poncho on is so much cozier!! Just sayin.



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