The Gunn Beanie in White Lie is BACK

Deciding when to reorder: A Tale of A Serious Learning Curve 

So, as some of you may know, my name is Christina and I decided to quit my job when I was 25 and start a business selling Sh*t That I had Knit. I will admit, I did not have a business plan or really any clue of what I was truly getting myself into - I just had this gut feeling (a sort of blind faith if you will), that it would work out. Here are some things that I had never done before that would be helpful in this moment: been a fashion designer, known what the hell inventory management was, owned a Pantone book, been a detail-oriented person, this list goes on and on... 

But despite all of the things I lacked in knowledge of starting my own company -  it's working and it's working more than I could have ever imagined in our second season together. It's working so well that I flat out didn't order enough sh*t, especially this hat ^^ that all of you want. One of the reasons is, I simply didn't have the capital to buy all of the knit sh*t up front, and the other is that I never could have predicted the success of this early season.

When it came to reordering this late in the game, I tried to fight it at first- "no Christina, do NOT get ahead of yourself, sell the other sh*t first and then see if you need to reorder," I told myself. "Don't give the people what they want!" I exclaimed! 

But now it is November 29th- the winter has not even begun, and we are sold out. Sold out of everything everyone wants. Am I upset? Absolutely. Do I have a stomach ache every time I look at the shelving unit my mom and I built that was supposed to be full of knit sh*t through to February? You bet I do. 

SO, the moment you've all been waiting for: I am reording everything in White Lie. You can get more of that sh*t so that you can twin with Kristin Cavallari and have the most beautiful hat on the market. While you wait, I will send you a beautifully wrapped picture of the hat in case it's a gift, so you can put it under the tree and not be like my sister Serena who always says... "oh your present is in the mail..." (when it really is not). 

The reason it will take so long to get to you is: we make all of our merino wool in Peru. It takes a while to get it so soft and beautiful. And then these amazing women hand-knit each piece. And THEN Santa has to fly it up here on a freight forwarding truck and sometimes customs strip searches him. So be patient and it will be here just as everything is cold and wet and disgusting out and you are so happy to see your hat arrive at your front door!!