This Shop is the Sh*t: Flock

Flock is a fun shop in the South End of Boston featuring clothing and goods in bright colors and free flowing styles. Its bohemian and free spirited styles of clothing and accessories have people flocking from around the world. Mother-daughter founders, Lisa and Dani, had always appreciated fashion and enjoyed shopping together. Flock was born from Dani’s dream of opening up her own clothing shop and opening it with her mom seemed just right. They ventured together thinking that they, by doing the buying together, could attract all age ranges so that mothers and daughters could shop together in Flock. Flockettes are always on the lookout for brands that embody that bohemian, free spirit style, but Flock is proudly at the point where they get a lot of inquiries from brands who want to be stocked in Flock.

As a fellow Girl Boss, we asked Dani about the challenges she has faced starting and running her own business. She said her biggest challenge personally is making financial decisions that might compromise her vision. In a perfect world she would do the buying in a way that she would ideally love to see the shop curated, but sometimes it doesn’t make sense from a business and financial standpoint. She also recognized that she has to cater to the wants and needs of her customers. Bringing in new people to her Flock family is not necessarily a challenge, but it’s always a little nerve racking. She believes that people are the biggest asset to any business. The Flockettes are huge fans of the South End, especially the undeniable sense of community there. They go out to dinner every month to enjoy the neighborhood together, their favorite spots being Myers and Chang and Coppa!

Why Dani thinks STIK is a good fit for Flock:

I love STIK for so many reasons, I don't know where to start. I love that Christina was not afraid to take the leap in doing what she truly loves. When I first saw STIK hats, I loved the yarn colors so much and of course the amazing signature fur pom pom. In the winter, it's easy to get caught up in blacks, greys, and all shades of neutrals but STIK are bright, happy and fun. It's truly the perfect fit for Flock!​”
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