This Shop is the Sh*t: Teton Village Sports

Teton Village Sports (TVS) is not only the oldest ski shop in the Teton Village, but the oldest in Wyoming. It is very well established as THE store for the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. TVS has been around for over 50 years and some of the same staff have been working there for 20 years. Even though the resort bought the family owned store about 5 years ago, it still maintains a local and family feel catering to tourists and locals alike.

TVS carries mainstream brands like Arc’teryx and Patagonia for tourism needs, but they also like to branch out and support smaller companies with trendy designs and cool concepts. They have an awesome variety of brands and products ranging from the basics to high end, designer ski wear. STIK is a perfect fit with the trendy and cool concept stuff! The folks at TVS are all at Jackson Hole in the winter to ski (and wear STIK hats). They pride themselves on consistently getting great snow. They say the summers in the Teton Village are also really fun because there is so much to do--road bike, mountain bike, fish, raft, kayak, golf, climb, ect. No matter the season, stoke is always high at Jackson Hole.
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