The Chickie Earrings in Runway Pink

The Chickie Earrings in Runway Pink

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  • Made with our baby alpaca pom-pom
  • Dimensions: 3.5" long
  • We recommend doing your best to keep the pom pom dry


The Chickie Earring but make 'em pink. Everyone's favorite Chickie Earring is back with a whole new meaning. These earrings were designed in honor of one of our favorite non-profits, Runway for Recovery. This organization is dedicated to supporting families dealing with the loss of a loved one from breast cancer. We are humbled to name this the Chickie Earring in Runway Pink in honor of this amazing organization and all of the families they support. Its made using the SAME baby alpaca that our Pardy Wraps are made of - how fun!.


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