The Level 3 Quarantine Kit - Slippers
The Level 3 Quarantine Kit - Slippers
The Level 3 Quarantine Kit - Slippers

The Level 3 Quarantine Kit - Slippers

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For the month of June, 30% of proceeds from all Quarantine Kits will be donated to Black Girl Ventures.

We appreciate your patience as we work to ship out the kits as quickly as possible. 

We’ve officially hit the big leagues, knitters! You’ve conquered our Cowl Kit and our Scarf Kit seamlessly, and now it’s time to become a knitting master. 

The Level 3 Quarantine Kit - Slippers includes more yarn and detailed instructions for you to make the coziest slippers out there. Shout out to Adrienne Sullivan of @knitandnot for designing the pattern and allowing us to share it with you all! The slippers can be made into 4 different sizes - we include specifics for each size in our instructions - plus we’ve added pictures to help! Because this project is a bit more advanced, we’ve also created more videos to help you through every step. 


Each kit includes:

- 1 skein of chunky yarn (surprise color)

- Access to new video tutorials that will guide you through the trickier portions of the project

- Access to our Level 3 knitting classes through our private FB group and experienced knitting instructors

What’s not included: 

- Knitting needles are NOT included in this kit. The needles necessary to complete this project were included in The Quarantine Kit - Cowl project. Please only order this kit if you have already purchased .


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