The Level 1 Quarantine Kit - Cowl
The Level 1 Quarantine Kit - Cowl
The Level 1 Quarantine Kit - Cowl

The Level 1 Quarantine Kit - Cowl

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We appreciate your patience as we work to ship out the kits as quickly as possible. 

Now seems like a perfect time to take up knitting! Knitting has meditative qualities—the repetitive motions, the counting, the concentrated silence—and has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. It keeps your mind off things and there is no better feeling than successfully finishing a project.

*FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY* we're excited to offer the Quarantine Kit! This kit will give you the tools you need to learn to knit from Christina and her mom as they explain the basics of knitting in detailed videos. Then, follow an easy pattern to complete a cozy cowl. Looking to socialize while you knit? You will also be invited to our ~exclusive~ knitting group on Facebook. 

Each kit includes:

- 1 skein of chunky yarn (surprise color)

- Knitting needles

- Instructions on how to knit, including detailed videos

- Pattern for a cowl designed in-house

- Access to our exclusive knitting group on Facebook

- Access to our exclusive knitting classes


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