Media Kit

Some Back Story Shit:

Shit That I Knit was officially founded in October of 2015 when Christina and her mom, Katie, started selling shit at SoWa Open Market in the South End of Boston, MA. After selling out, getting wholesale orders in stores, and building out the team, Christina decided to quit her job in digital advertising sales and do this shit full-time.

When Katie and Christina could not knit another 500th f**king hat, it was time to find some knitting friends. At first nursing homes looked to be the best option, but it turned out that it was an Instagram on a Friday night calling "all cool knitters" did the trick. The application process asked each knitter if they'd like to be on Team Gimme Shit (and get paid for their work) or Team Give-A-Shit and donate what they would be paid to charity.

The Knit Shit

All of the shit we knit is designed by Christina and then knit by this amazing team of 30 knitters in Boston and Portland, ME. Most of our knitters are in their 20s and 30s and they just love to knit while being normal millennials, crushing shows on Netflix, getting pedicures, riding the T, or sitting at a bar. 

We only use premium materials: hand-dyed peruvian wool, alpaca, cashmere, organic cotton and real fur pom-poms. Plus the craftsmanship is paid for at a fair wage and is being kept in the U.S. 

Recent Press:

We think our story is pretty cool, and so have a few major publications. We've already been seen in the Sunday Boston GlobeBostinnoBoston Magazine, and Chronicle5 News. Plus, the  the bachelor just posted about us! 

If you'd like to write about Shit That I Knit, please contact Christina to talk.