We use the highest quality wool in the world. So, obviously, we get it from Peru, the pre-eminent producer of wool. Forget the itchy, pilling wool sweaters you find in the back rack of thrift stores—this wool is the caviar of fibers. We source the softest, most luxurious alpaca and merino wool fibers for our handmade accessories.

ALPACA WOOL is good for the environment. Alpaca herds consumer less water than cashmere goats, and produce more wool. Alpaca is sheared humanely. Alpaca wool is incredibly soft, and more durable than cashmere








We <3 Merino Wool. -	Merino is the softest and finest quality of sheep's wool. - We source and hand-dye our merino wool in Lima, Peru. It's basically the most natural sh*t you can find. -	Our merino wool is perfect for 	hats because it's fluffy and 	soft. It's durable, CRAZY 	WARM, and sustainably 	sourced.
We employ a group of women in Lima, Peru who are expert hand-knitters. Our knitters work from home, enabling them to take care of their children while bringing in income to support their families.

Meet Clotilde.     Before Clotilde began knitting with our cooperative, there were no jobs available to her in her area. She had to leave her four young children to look after each other in the park while she commuted daily to the city center. Now, she and other mothers can work from home and achieve financial independence as they raise their children. To Clotilde, knitting means comfort and community.

Meet Our Knitters


STIK employs women like Clotilde in Lima, Peru to knit our one-of-a-kind STIK garments from the finest merino wool. The proceeds from the sale of these garments provide a viable income for these skilled makers and help to preserve the age-old craft of hand knitting.