STIK in Peru

Shit That I Knit Peru

We use the highest-quality wool in the world. So, obviously, we get it from Peru. For you non-fiber-freaks, Peru is widely regarded as the producer of wool. Forget itchy, bulky, molting wool sweaters in the back rack of thrift stores—this wool is the caviar of fibers.

Why Peru?

So it may come as no surprise that Peruvians have been knitting garments out of wool since 1100 BC. 

Take modern-day, Hermogena. She was raised by her grandparents, who farmed large Peruvian corn in the Andes. Because she was a girl, she never learned to read or write and instead would watch the other women in her community knit while working in the fields—a common sight in the Andes. Since she could not afford the payment they requested in exchange for lessons, she taught herself, whittling sticks into knitting needles and watching the women from afar so as to learn their technique. And slowly, but surely, Hermogena became a master knitter.

Over the years, Hermogena has come to view knitting as a form of independence, income, and therapy. She knit to put her daughter through college. When her daughter moved away, she found solace in her knitting. Hermogena is now the one that confidently leads young women as they practice their craft, and turn a profit from their skill.

STIK employs women like Hermogena in Lima, Peru to knit our one-of-a-kind STIK garments using world-renowned merino wool. The proceeds from the sale of these garments provides a viable income for these skilled makers, and gives them an immense sense pride and purpose; these women are able to provide for themselves by using their ancestral skill.