Lil Sh*ts - The Campbell Hat in Pink
Lil Sh*ts - The Campbell Hat in Pink
Shit That I Knit Lil' Shits Bobble Hat
Shit That I Knit Lil' Shits Bobble Hat
Shit That I Knit

Lil Sh*ts - The Campbell Hat in Pink


The funky bobbles on this beanie are unique for the sassy li’l sh*t. This beanie is sure to keep ‘em warm while they raise hell. Baby's heads are weird... This hat comes in one size which can vary from 6months to 4 years old. 

· Features: removable fur pom-pom
· Yarn: kettle-dyed, 100% Peruvian merino wool
· Fur: Faux Fur or Raccoon Fur option
· Labor: hand-knit in Lima, Peru
· Fit: snug or slightly slouchy
· Dimensions: 7 inches wide, 8 inches tall


Acrylic yarn, the material typically used in mass-produced knitwear, is made out of petroleum. That’s gasoline. The production of acrylic yarn not only pollutes the environment, it also is itchy as hell. Eff that sh*t. Unfortunately the majority of knitwear on the market is made from this non-renewable material. This needs to change. We use 100% natural merino wool that comes from adorable Peruvian sheep. Wool insulates body heat, breathes well, and is a renewable resource (meaning those cute li'l sheep just keep growing it). 100% wool garments are made to be loved and meant to be worn forever. 

Our pom-poms are made from real fur. Why do we do this? Have you ever seen a fake fur pom-pom get wet? That sh*t’s not pretty. Our fur pom-poms stay dry in snowy climates. Just shake that snow off like T.Swift and you’re good to go. 

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