The Linus Beanie

The Linus Beanie

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Fit Guide

The Linus Beanie

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We made this beanie with our guys in mind, but the truth is, the Linus Beanie can be worn by anyone who wants to look chill, but still feel super warm. The Linus Beanie features the same stitch as our Ladd Beanie, but with the added brimmed and matching pom pom, it offers a completely new look. This beanie is made with a unique merino and alpaca wool blend, making it equal parts cozy and functional, and zero parts itchy.


  • Made of a unique blend of merino and alpaca wool
  • Hand-knit in Peru
  • Pom pom is sewn on to ensure maximum security during ANY activities
  • Dimensions: 8.5” x 8”
  • Care: Spot clean with cold water ONLY


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