Shaw Cowl in Crystalline
Shaw Cowl in Crystalline
Shaw Cowl in Crystalline
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Shaw Cowl in Crystalline


Whether it’s tucked into a coat or thrown over your favorite tee, this cowl makes it easy to be warm and chic at the same time. It’s circular design keeps your neck toasty and leaves your hands free to climb that effing mountain already.

· Yarn: kettle-dyed, 100% Peruvian merino wool 
· Labor: hand-knit in Boston, MA and Portland, ME
· Fit: loose around the neck
· Dimensions: (TBA)
· Care: hand wash, dry flat


Acrylic yarn, the material typically used in mass-produced knitwear, is made out of petroleum. That’s gasoline. The production of acrylic yarn not only pollutes the environment, it also is itchy as hell. Eff that sh*t. Unfortunately the majority of knitwear on the market is made from this non-renewable material. This needs to change. We use 100% natural merino wool that come from adorable Peruvian sheep. Wool insulates body heat, breathes well, and is a renewable resource (meaning those cute li'l sheep just keep growing it). 100% wool garments are made to be loved and meant to be worn forever.