The Dog Sweater
The Dog Sweater

The Dog Sweater

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Dog Sh*t coming in three fun colors (red, green and heather) this fall season. This machine knit sweater is 100% acrylic, making it easy to throw on your furry friend and wash after a strut around the dog park. 

Not sure what size to get for your pup? The best way to determine your dog's size is to measure the length from the base of its neck to the base of its tail (see photos for reference). If your pup is in between sizes, we recommend sizing up. 

Small (10-20 lbs): Length: 14'', Height of turtleneck: 3.5". Good for Pomeranians, westies, etc.

Medium (20-40 lbs): Length: 17.5", Height of turtleneck: 4". Good for doodles, beagles, schnauzers, pugs etc.

Large (40-80 lbs): Length: 21.5", Height of turtleneck: 4.25". Good for labs, retrievers, etc.


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