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So there are some characters that I follow on Instagram. I, admittedly, know when baby North West wears a leather jacket. I have considered buying The Fat Jewish’s White Girl Rose. But my favorite, by far, is Stephen West @westknits. Oh, he’s a weirdo to be sure (if you’re reading this, Stephen: #1 I’m sorry. #2 I love you) but he’s boundlessly creative, inspirational, and the type of carefree spirit that I greatly admire.

Recently, Stephen has been on a brioching binge. Brioche knitting is not be confused with the traditional brioche bread, a sweet yeast bread--although this also sounds divine and may be an excellent pairing. Brioche knitting refers to a type of slip, knit-together stitch that makes your project reversible, squishy, and lovely. It’s weird to learn at first, and I had to watch dozens of YouTube videos full of acrylic nails to figure it out, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a fast knit that is super fun to do.

That’s why Stephen West does it everywhere.

Although he uses too many colors that would make my eyes and head ache, the traditional, two-tone brioche can create a cool stripe pattern that looks unique without being too stuffy.
I’m currently working on this cowl by the Purl Bee. I took it to the beach, BART, and an outdoor play in an amphitheater hoping to one day be as fabulous as this man.

What are y'all currently working on? Comment below.

Until next time, knittas...

Shit That I Knit Blog | Stephen West