Get to know Sh*t That I Knit a little better. Check out our frequently asked questions to learn more about our products, brand, team and more.

Fit + Care

Q: My head is ____ [big, small, shaped like a carrot, etc.] My shoulders are ___ [broad, narrow, I’m not sure.] How do I know what product will fit me best?

A: Excellent question! All of our hats, wraps, and ponchos are one size. To help you find your best beanie fit, we created a Compare Our Beanies tool to help you see how each of our beanies fit. Want more specifics on sizing? Check out our fit guide.

Q: I wear my sh*t a lot - how do I clean it?

A: This comes up a lot, and to be honest, we're flattered because it means our customers really love to wear their sh*t...a LOT. To give your beanie some TLC, we recommend our beanie care kit to help keep your beanie looking fresh. For information on caring for other products, visit the Product Care Page.


Product Info

Q: What are the products made of?

A: All of our products are made of sustainably sourced materials. We've included specifics on each product page, but here's a quick overview: 

  • Our hats, mittens, headbands, neckies, and Yarn Pom Poms are kettle-dyed and made from 100% Peruvian merino wool.
  • Our Faux Fur Pom Poms are made of exactly that...faux fur! We refer to these as “fom-foms”...we think we’re very clever.
  • Our wraps and ponchos are made from 100% Peruvian baby alpaca wool. Fun fact - this does not mean actual baby alpaca. It refers to the softest wool on adult alpaca.
  • Our earrings are made of rafia, which is basically really durable, natural straw

Q: Where are the products made?

A: All of our products are sourced and made in Lima, Peru. You may not know this, but Peru is known for having the best yarn; they source it sustainably and responsibly, which is really important to us. Also, knitting is a tradition that has been passed down for generations. 

Q: Who makes the products?

A: We employ over 170 women in Lima (who are all expert knitters) to make our all of our products - beanies, neckies, wraps, you name it. But this is more than just a job for these women. Because of companies like STIK, these women can be working moms - they knit from home, so they can take care of their children while earning an income to support their families. 

Returns + Exchanges

Q: I'm so bummed but I need to return my order - what do I do?

A: We do accept returns, but there are some requirements. You may return unworn, unaltered items purchased from STIK for a full refund or store credit with 30 days of purchase, or for a store credit after 30 days and up to 90 days from the date of purchase.

To initiate a return and receive your return label, please visit our return portal. Use your order number and zip code to find your products, select what you’re sending back to us, and select a reason for return.You’ll be able to print a return label from here.

Please allow 5-10 business days for a items to be received, processed, and refunded.

Q: I love my sh*t, but I think it would look better in a different color. Do you accept exchanges?

A: Yes - we do accept exchanges. You may exchange unworn, unaltered items purchased from STIK within 30 days of purchase.

To initiate an exchange and receive your return label, please visit our return portal. Use your order number and zip code to find your products, select what you’re sending back to us, and select “Exchange” as the reason for return. You’ll be able to print a return label from here.

Please allow 5-10 business days for items to be received, processed, and shipped back to you.

Q: What if I receive a damaged or defective product?

A: If a STIK product has arrived damaged or is defective, please reach out to us within 45 days of purchase date and we will replace it at our discretion. Email wazzup@shitthatiknit.com for more assistance.


Q: Who's paying for shipping and returns?

A: We are! STIK proudly offers free shipping and returns for anyone in the U.S. So awesome right?!

Q: Do you ship internationally??

A: Yes! We do charge $20 to ship anywhere outside the U.S.

Q: How quickly can I get this sh*t into my hands?

A: We want nothing more than for you to get your new STIK into your hands, so you can look amazing ASAP. We usually process orders within 2-3 business days and shipping typically takes 5-7 business days.

Q: My order says delivered but I don’t have my sh*t. What do I do?

A: Bummer! Unfortunately, once the package leaves our building, it’s in the hands of a shipping carrier and largely out of our control. BUT, we would never leave you hanging. First, we suggest to contact your local post office to see if they have any insight. If that doesn’t work, we find that submitting a lost packages claim through the carrier’s website. If you can’t track down the package within 5 days, contact us at wazzup@shitthatiknit.com for next steps.

Stores + Wholesale

Q: Where else can I buy some sh*t?

A: Destination #1 is here on our website. But if you’re eager to see us in the wild, or want to try some an item on, here’s a list of our fabulous boutiques and stockists.

Q: I want to carry your sh*t in my boutique store! What should I do?

A: Contact us here!

Other random questions that we can’t categorize...

Q: I want to be part of your team! Are you hiring?

Possibly! Check out our careers page here or reach out to wazzup@shitthatiknit.com with the subject “I want to work for STIK” if you think you can help us out beyond what’s listed.

Q: I’ve read this whole thing, and my question still has not been answered. Help!

A: Check out our policies or contact us!

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